About Mr. Lovelady

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    27th, and Final, Year at Redwood

    Honors Biomed (Period 1) 

    Physics in the Universe (Periods 2,3,5,6)
    The Living Earth (Period 4)

    Availability Outside Class Time

    • Tue & Thu During SMaRT Period
    • Outside the bell schedule by appointment

    Contact Information

    Email: slovelady@tamdistrict.org

    Website: https://CA01000875.schoolwires.net/slovelady

    Telephone: (415) 945-3650

Access To Courses Online

  • Honors Biomed (for parent access)

    Students enrolled in my Canvas class (Biomed)
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    The Living Earth Daily Agendas *Curricular Links Not Included

    Chemistry and Living Earth (in Google Classroom)
    Google Classrom does not allow open access online.
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    Guardians wishing to receive email summaries
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