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    2021 - 2022 Phsyical Education Syllabus

    PE Clothing Requirements  


    2022-2023 PE Elective

    Elective Physical Education is a five-unit semester course open to all students, regardless of skill level. This is a flexible course of study which permits selection of specific physical activities (one or many) through which to develop the student learning outcomes. The course offers individualized programs that fit the needs of each student, whether it be for the athlete looking for an off-season program or a student just looking to utilize the fitness facilities for their own personal fitness workout. Activities may be quite varied such as Basketball, Yoga, Weight Training and Individualized Fitness Plans, Soccer, LAX, Tennis, Hiking, and Running to name a few. Building upon the foundation developed in Physical Education Core 1-4, Elective Physical Education is designed to provide a wide variety of semester-long courses responsive to student interest and staff expertise. 

    Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for Elective P.E., however most students will have completed Core P.E. 1-4  prior to beginning the elective courses.


    Teacher Contact Info

    Nykky Graydon           Email: ngraydon@tamdistrict.org            Phone ext: 3739

    Heather Long               Email: hlong@tamdistrict.org                  Phone ext: 3733

    Nathan Johnson          Email: najohnson@tamdistrict.org           Phone ext: 3732

    Byron Nelson               Email: bnelson@tamdistrict.org               Phone ext: 3731

    Jessica Peisch               Email: jpeisch@tamdistrict.org                Phone ext: 3619

    Todd VanPeursem       Email: tvanpeursem@tamdistrict.org       Phone ext: 3617