Welcome to Wellness!

     Tam District Wellness Centers have a new website!

    Click the computer image below to access information about Wellness, off-campus resources, groups, and much more.




    If you would like to be connected to a Wellness staff member for

    non-crisis concerns, please email your school counselor or

    our Wellness Coordinator, Katrina Southard: ksouthard@tamdistrict.org


    If you are experiencing a crisis, please DO NOT send an email,

    call or text one of these crisis lines directly.



    S & CP

    pasi ls

    srf ls

    pe ls

    ap ls


    cv ls





    Archie Williams Wellness Center

    Room 113

    Drop-In Hours ~ Tuesday-Friday, 7:30am-4pm

    All other times by appointment only

    For immediate after hours and 24/7 support click Here.

    Come by for..

    • Connection to a caring adult
    • De-stress & self-care activities
    • Self referrals & refer and friend
    • Health education and resources
    • Tea & snacks
    • Info and apointments about health, mental health, substance use/abuse & sexual health