• Greetings 12th Grade Families:
    We are partnering with Parchment to send final transcripts for our graduating seniors to colleges or other institutions (such as trade schools, NCAA, or yourself for your records). This service will be free to all our graduating seniors.  ALL colleges (including 2-year colleges) REQUIRE a final, official transcript with year ending grades and a graduation date for admittance. Your transcript will be final and have 2nd semester grades, adjusted GPA’s and a posted/verified graduation date by June 25. If you put in a request through Parchment between now and graduation, your transcript will be sent by Parchment on or around June 25.
     A separate email has been sent today to the Seniors who have NOT YET signed up for Parchment. It was sent to their Tam District email address. Use that link to create your account. If you don’t use that link, the service will not be free. If you have questions on whether you currently have a Parchment account, go to parchment.com to verify. 
     When you are ready to place an order (where you want your final transcript sent), follow the steps in this video to request a transcript here
     Here are some important tips for successfully completing this task.
     -Under "Set Delivery Destination" type in your college and select it. If you don't see your college, simply hit "Enter Your Own" at the bottom to enter an address or email where the college wants it sent to. Select electronic or mail for delivery. You can send your transcript to as many institutions as you want.
     - If you are not going to college, please select “I’m sending to myself or another individual”, then select “I’m sending this order to myself”. It is highly recommended that all students send a final transcript to yourself for your future reference.
     - On the next page under "Item Details", it will ask you "When do you want this sent". Make sure to select "HOLD FOR GRADES", (NOT "send now"). Continue until you have given consent and hit the place order button.

     If you have successfully placed your Parchment order, your transcript will be sent once final grades are posted and GPA's are run, on or around June 25.
    If you have questions about non-Parchment issues, contact Jane Shapiro at jshapiro@tamdistrict.org.