• The Academy of Integrated Humanities and New Media (AIM) is an exciting two-year program serving 11th and 12th grade students. The goal of AIM is to prepare students to excel in college and the world of work, emphasizing the academic, professional and technological skills students need to succeed in high school and beyond.

    AIM enhances the acquisition of skills and content through team-teaching and the weaving of all curriculum around essential questions, common themes and common projects. Multimedia serves as a vehicle for the integration of curricula and as a communicative tool.

    AIM teachers employ strategies that promote meaningful learning and the acquisition of professional skills. These strategies include:

    • Personalization. Because AIM is a two-year program, AIM can personalize education by creating meaningful and sustained relationships among students and adults.
    • Integrated Studies. Social studies and English curriculum are organized around common themes to help students make connections and to provide relevance between subjects.
    • Flexible Scheduling. Our three consecutive blocked periods allow for creative and flexible use of time, conducive to project-based learning.
    • Professional Experts. Experts in media and technology fields work with our students to teach them professional skills and create high-quality products.
    • Real-world Application. Students research in the local communities and beyond and present their work in public exhibitions such as student film festivals.
    • Industry-standard Technology. Students work on Macintosh G5s and Final Cut Pro Studio.