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    Miles Squires


    If you were to spend a week at my house, you would barely ever see us. We are quite honestly one of the most active families out there. I fill my day with basketball, music, and school, just as my brother does. On the other hand, my parents work all day and then come home to work more or head to a band rehearsal, board meeting, or basketball practice. This type of lifestyle has transformed me into the active and hard-working teen I am today. In that sense, there is a culture in my home rooted in celebrating expression, creativity, and responsibility.

    I live and breathe the arts and sports. I build most of my day around them. Whenever I am home, I play music and whenever I am out, I play basketball. Without these two natural outlets, I imagine my life would feel pretty empty and directionless. With them, however, I wake up every morning with an amazing sense of purpose and belonging.

    Looking back, I could not have been as confident in these two areas without the hard work I put into them as a young boy. Almost every day for the last six years, I have honored a commitment I made a long time ago—to make 100 shots a day with the goal of feeling more confident in my game. It has become routine for me, so much so that whenever I take a break from it, I feel as if I am missing something. The same could be said about my music. Like basketball, music has always been an important dimension of my life. I started my “music career” performing tap-dance and theater. This is where I learned most of my rhythm and vocal skills. I tapped and performed theater from Kindergarten to eighth grade and realized that these two arts were not what I wanted to pursue. Starting freshman year, I put all the artistic talents I knew into music, and in my opinion, I chose correctly.

    All my life, music seemed to flow naturally. I have always had a great ear and could pick up melodies and chord changes easily. Looking back, I could not have been so successful in music without the years of tap dance and theater and, though I decided to drop them, I am grateful for what they have taught me about music.

    Finally, I could not be the teen I am today without the presence of an especially important person in my life: my younger brother. Without him, I could not have created the many great relationships I have over these years. He has taught me how to handle frustration, anger, happiness, and sadness in a whole new light. Socially, he is my everything, and though I know it sounds weird, it’s true. The definition of brotherhood is a lifetime of friendship and what Aiden has taught me is that those friendships do not always have to be blood-related. He is honestly my other half and I’m so lucky to have him in my life.

    All in all, my life would not be what it is today without the relationships I have created. The relationship with my brother, parents, teachers, coaches, and peers have led me on the path I follow today.

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    Julia Scharf

    Hey Redwood! I’m a four year varsity soccer player, a captain of the debate team (yes, Redwood has a debate team), I was a committed site council representative for 2 years, and a significantly less committed class rep for 3 years. I’m currently the Spanish section editor for the Bark, and I am a co-founder of the Mind Body and Soul club.

    I play club soccer for Marin FC. I am also a member of county government as a commissioner on the Marin County Youth Commission. My favorite movies are 17 Again, Mean Girls, and She’s the Man.

    I’m a terrible biker, and an even worse swimmer, and I couldn’t touch my toes until freshman year.I haven’t eaten red meat in almost seven years, and I’ve never eaten a PB&J sandwich.

    Vote for Julia!

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    Simone Mardell

    Hey Redwood! I’m Simone Mardell and I am really excited to be on this years homecoming court. I’m involved with a couple of things here at Redwood including: Link Crew, Peer Resource, and cheerleading. I am full of school spirit and I am super proud to be a Redwood Giant. Outside of school I am apart of National Charity League. I love to volunteer and help the community as much as I can. I am a strong advocate for wellness and improving mental attitudes here at Redwood. I love to listen to music and dance so you will most likely see me doing mini dance moves in the hallway. I can’t wait for the upcoming week! If you see me anywhere, please feel free to say hi! Thanks Giants!

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    Eli Ganong

    I was born on July 11th in a corner room of an SF hospital, but have lived in Kentfield my whole life with my parents, brother, and sister. I went to Bacich Elementary School, and then Kent Middle School. I was definitely a very energetic kid, and I got in my fair share of mischief in elementary school, but that's what being a kid is all about right? When I was younger I played T-Ball, soccer, and swam on swim team. When I was 8 years old I did my first triathlon, and I found that I liked them much better than any other sport. Since then I have been doing about 4 races every year, and I train for them in my free time. I also enjoy spending time outdoors, whether that's backpacking, skiing, or just going on a hike.

    In high school I always work hard, and I stay focused on getting the best grades I can. Some of my favorite classes have been APES, Spanish, and my Sustainable Agriculture class this year. Outside of school I work at the ski shop Any Mountain, and I lifeguard at the Lagunitas Club. I also volunteer at Slide Ranch, which is one of my favorite places to spend time. I work as a garden volunteer where I plant and harvest food, milk goats, and feed chickens all the weeds I pick. I also have an awesome garden in my backyard where I grow tons of vegetables!

    Next year I plan to go to college and study something related to environmental studies, and maybe geography. I am interested in these topics because I am passionate about protecting our environment, and I love to travel. I have been lucky enough to have traveled to some amazing places with my family. Some of the favorite places I've been include Thailand, Peru, and The Netherlands. This past summer I traveled to Guatemala, where I spent a month traveling around and living in local homestays. I loved Guatemala, and I also improved my Spanish tons, which is another thing I want to keep working on.

    Some other things about me: I am this years Redwood High weatherman, which I take very seriously, because it's important to stay up date on the weather. My favorite food is Mexican food, and my friends and I have tried almost every Mexican restaurant in Marin. Our favorite place is Pupuseria El Salvador. I love to cook and to bake, and recently have perfected baking baguettes.

    It's a big honor to be on the homecoming court, I would never have imagined this a freshman. Now I can tell my kids that their dad was cool.

    Erin McCarthy

    Hi Redwood, I am Erin McCarthy. I am so excited to be on your homecoming court! At Redwood I have played varsity lacrosse and field hockey since my freshman year. Field hockey at Redwood started my freshman year, and I have been excited to be part of its growth. I also love playing lacrosse and started to play Southern Marin Lacrosse in 3rd grade and then competed for a travel lacrosse, Tenacity, for 7 years. I also co-founded two clubs on campus, the Mind, Body and Soul Club and The Girls Who Code Club. My sophomore and junior year I got involved with Link Crew; I loved planning events and helping out with freshman orientation. This year I am currently the main host for the Redwood T.V. and the Tech Assistant for the Bark. Outside of school I have coach lacrosse for Southern Marin Lacrosse and tutored kids at Manzanita Learning Center. My Freshman year I helped teach lacrosse in Marin City during the summer. This past summer I did an internship at Sephora through Girls Who Code and learned the basis of 5 different languages and discovered my interest in computer science. If I am not juggling my busy schedule then I am hanging out with my friends. Can’t wait for the rally and homecoming week! 

    Harri Hetrick

    Hey Giants I’m Harri Hetrick! I’m a captain on the Varsity boys lacrosse team and I’ve been a member of Leadership for three years. I’m a peer tutor for the ELD program here at Redwood and I’ve played Varsity soccer since Freshman year. I’m also your ASB treasurer and I went to Chinese American International School so I’m fluent in mandarin.

    Something that may surprise you about me is that Freshman and Sophomore year I was the lead singer in a band called “Neighbors Nightmare”. I also Coach for the Southern Marin Wolfpack and love to hangout with my friends. So get hyped for Homecoming week and remember to vote Harri for Homecoming!

    Georgia Bennett

    Hey Redwood Giants! My name is Georgia Bennet. Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I have been playing competitive soccer for 10 years and love to be active and explore the outdoors! I love to spend time with my friends and family. Here at Redwood High, I’ve been involved in Leadership for almost two years and Link Crew for three years now. In addition, I have played Redwood soccer for the past four years and have made Varsity the past three. I love to be involved in the Redwood community and strive towards making our school a safe and fun environment for all! I am so happy that you all elected me onto the 2018 Homecoming court!

    Being a part of the leadership class here at Redwood has not only introduced me to a whole new set of people, but has also showed and taught me what it means to take initiative and be a collaborative team player. A big factor that is important to me is school spirit and getting the most support at sporting events possible. From attending school game nights to being a part of the girls Redwood Varsity soccer team for the past two years, I’ve learned just how much pride and spirit our school has.


    Melissa Block

    Hey Giants, it’s Melissa! I am honored to be one of your homecoming princesses this year.

    At Redwood I have been a leadership student since freshman year, and have served on office for the past three years. I am currently your ASB Vice President and absolutely love leading our weekly meetings. Hearing various perspectives and sharing my ideas is what makes student government so exciting. I also love the organizational aspect and getting to plan and make decisions for our student body at large. I am an editor and reporter for our nationally recognized newspaper-- The Redwood Bark. This year a classmate and I reinstated the Redwood Root(our sports magazine) which is an exciting entrepreneurial endeavor.

    I have lived in the Bay Area my whole life, but I love everything about it. Whether it’s going on hikes in West Marin or strolling the streets in San Francisco-- I love exploring local places.

    I can’t wait for this week ahead on the homecoming court and I hope you all are equally as spirited and excited!!!



    Grace Milan

    Hi Giants my name is Grace Milan and I am honored to be on your homecoming court. Aside from being in Leadership for 4 years, I have also been elected Freshman Vice President and Class President Sophomore and Junior year. I tried to keep this going Senior year, but I lost miserably, (but it’s okay I’m over it). Holding these positions is something that I took very seriously and devoted a lot of time to. I am also a part of the Yearbook class here at Redwood which is really fun and I am happy to be a part of. I enjoy spending time with my friends, sailing, watching funny animal videos and more! Some may refer to me as a tech wizard, because of my superb Imovie skills. I don’t really have many talents that are cool, but you know what they say, the human brain continues to grow until your mid 30’s (I think), so I tell myself that there is always hope! Yes, I am aware that these facts about myself are indeed weird and random, but I would still appreciate your vote this year because maybe then I can win and that’d be dandy! Wooooooo! Thanks guys!!

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    Devon McClain

    Hi my name is Devon McClain, I moved from Maryland to California in 5th grade and have never considered moving back. I have never killed a bug and never gotten a bad test grade, I especially have never lied on a homecoming bio. I have been on varsity lacrosse for three years and loved every second of it. I also skateboard and rock climb, and am a proud member of the Redwood Meat Society.  I love to eat dinner with friends, and spend at least a couple hours sitting in a car on a friday night trying to figure out what else there is to do in Marin other than eat dinner with friends. I have been on the Bark for two years and have watched Redwood develop as a community and as a whole for almost four… but I still haven’t been able to figure out how to get a parking spot after 7AM. I have met so many new people at Redwood and still been able to stay close with my core group of friends. I continue to meet new people and learn new things about friends I have known for years, and am excited to meet more people over the next few weeks. 

    Kyle Felder

    Hi Redwood! My name is Kyle Felder, thank you for electing me to your homecoming court.  Throughout my years at Redwood my primary focus outside of school was Redwood athletics. I have played baseball all three years I have been here and have had a lot of fun.  I am a primary pitcher and have helped lead my class’ JV team, as well as last years varsity team to league championships. Playing for Redwood baseball helped me massively improve my game while making friends and having fun.  In addition to baseball, I also love to play football and basketball for fun. Anything athletic interests me and I love trying new sports no matter how abstract they are. Some of my other hobbies include video games, hiking, fantasy football, and spending time with my family and friends.  One of my other contributions to Redwood over my four years is helping to start the Jewish Cuisine and Culture Club with some of my friends. Once a week, we bring in Jewish food, such as bagels or kugle, and hang out and eat during lunch. It is a good way to stay in touch with our culture while having fun with friends.  In general, I have not done a crazy amount of things at Redwood, but what I have and am continuing to participate in, I am very passionate about. That is just a little bit about me. Thanks Redwood!

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    Jonathan Ash

    Hi I’m Jonny Ash, and this is my letter to you. I grew up knowing Redwood High School would be home throughout my life. I watched as my two older siblings, Jordan and Ilana Ash, lived out their time to the fullest in their days at Redwood. I watched them as they went through their years, making friends and experiencing a whole new world Freshman year, getting comfortable and making Redwood home their Sophomore and Junior years, and finally becoming the elders of the school Senior year. I was taught a lot by my older siblings about how life works here, but when I became a Giant they had already left the community and went on with the rest of their lives leaving me to explore Redwood by myself without an older sibling.

    I came to Redwood with an adventurous attitude and kept my options open and tried not to say no to anything. It proved well after making new friends and holding on to old ones. SHOUTOUT TABLESMASH. I started rowing as Sophomore and that changed everything. Responsibilities started to set in, but as I became more involved, things became easier. I made some great new friends from different grades and schools. SHOUTOUT SOCIETY. Junior was difficult for sure, but was made easier knowing that the next year would be Senior year.

    This year I have been a little more involved in the spirit of Redwood, joining Redwood TV has been a fun journey and getting to make announcements has been a real fun ride. Most importantly, however, I have been able to share this year with my younger brother Nathan, an up and coming Freshman who has made me realize that I can be what my older sibling wanted to be for me: an in-school influence. I have gotten to share what I’ve learned to love about this school with him and has helped me realize what a leadership role means as the oldest in the school. Setting the right example rather than acting as a superior is much different than what I perceived this year would be like. I’m not on top of the school, I’m just a representative of it with a little more spotlight because of the experiences I’ve endured.