Grand Prize Winners Qualify To Compete In The California State Science Fair,
    And The International Science Fair (Pittsburgh, PA)

    1st and 2nd Place Winners Qualify To Compete
    In The California State Science Fair

    Grand Prize Winners

    Matthew Moser
    The Metalloprotease Inhibitor, 1,10 Phenanthroline as a Lead for Finding Drugs to Kill Microfilariae and Adult Brugia pahangi

     1st Place Winners

    Natalie Epstein
    The Effect of Seed Species and Expiration Date on Germination Rate

    Maxime Kawawa­ Beaudan
    The effect of iron sulphate fertilization in ocean water on growth of phytoplankton

    Parker Addison
    The Effect of Gases on Solar Cell Efficiency

    Ashlyn D'Orazio
    The Effect of Personality Type on Compatibility Between Friends

    2nd Place Winners

    Cecilia Wolf
    The Effect of Dextrose Amount on the Carbon Production of Brewers, Baker's and Champagne Yeast

    Benjamin Lloyd

    The Effect of Turbine Design/Medium on Blade Rotations

    Filip Platek
    Do Greenhouse Gases Really Trap Heat

    3rd Place Winners

    Scott McCrae
    The Effect of Speaker Design on Frequency Response

    Zachary Brennan
    The Effect of An Electric Current on Plant Growth

    Toma Dufficy
    The Effect of Human Taken Vitamins on the Germination, Height and Weight of Grass

    Sanjana Seshadri
    Lights Out ­ The Effect of Population on Star Brightness

    Cameron Sylla
    The Effect of Type of Cookie Given to Subject vs. Subject's Personal Preference/Reaction Based on Gender and Age