•  Student Parking Policies and Procedures 

    Redwood High School (RHS), in consultation with the City of Larkspur and the Central Marin Police Authority, has developed the following student parking policies and procedures. Given the challenges of student parking on our campus and our surrounding community, our growing student population and our intentions to reduce school commute auto congestion and single-occupancy vehicles parking on campus, we have developed the following policies and procedures around student parking on our campus.

    Each school year, a limited number of student parking permits will be issued to students who live more than a 20-minute walk from RHS. Given the challenges of student parking on our campus, the same number of student parking permits will be issued as there are student parking spaces. Furthermore, student parking permits will first be issued to students who live more than a 20-minute walk from RHS and make a commitment to carpooling. RHS defines carpooling as three or more students (including the driver), who live more than a 20-minute walk from RHS, in a car. Carpool parking spots, located in a prime location in both parking lots, will be monitored by campus assistants and administration. 

    Students who are not able to carpool may apply for an individual student parking permit if they live more than a 20-minute walk from RHS. 

    Student Parking Permits will be assigned as follows:

    1. All carpool applicants fulfilling the carpool requirements will be issued a carpool parking permit. 

    2. The remaining student parking permits will be selected by a lottery, starting with students in the 12th grade.

    3. If there are any remaining student parking permits available after 12th graders are allotted permits, students in the 11th grade will be issued a student parking permit through a lottery.


    A small number of students who do not have a first-period class and are not selected by lottery may be eligible for a parking permit without an assigned parking space.  Students with an unassigned parking space permit will be allowed to park in assigned parking spaces when students with a parking permit are absent from school. Unassigned parking permit holders must agree to park after 9:00 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

    To ensure the safety of all students and our community members, students with a parking permit will not be allowed to drive off campus during lunch.

    Student parking is not permitted at 375 Doherty Drive, the Carlisle Building lot.  Spaces are designated for Community Education, District IT and Adult School staff only.  Students will be ticketed if they choose to park in this lot Monday - Friday between 7:00 am - 4:00 pm.  

    Student Parking Permits

    Student Parking on campus is a privilege and requires compliance with all parking and traffic regulations.  Students who drive to school are required to display a current RHS student parking permit and must park in their assigned parking space.  The parking permit must be placed facing outward on the rear windshield, lower left. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the permit is visible from the outside.  Student parking permits are issued for the sole use of the recipient and may not be sold or given to another student, staff or visitor. 

    In the past, we've had students switch their assigned parking spaces with other students or sell their parking permits to other students. Please know that this is NOT ALLOWED and any student who does switch or sell their parking permit will forfeit their assigned parking space for the year.

    Carpool parking permits require a total of three or more students (including the driver), who live more than a 20-minute walk from RHS and proof of possession of an unrestricted driver’s license.  A restricted driver’s license will not be accepted for drivers in a carpool. Students choosing to carpool must park in their assigned carpool parking space. Any student who has committed to carpooling with others will not be able to obtain a separate individual student parking permit. 

    All student permit holders must park in their assigned parking space.  Student drivers may not park in staff, visitor, red zones (fire lanes) or parking spaces designated for disabled drivers.  Students who fail to properly display a student parking permit or who park in a parking space other than their assigned parking space may be issued a citation by the CMPA and/or face school consequences.

    Once a student with a student parking permit has parked on campus, they may not drive off campus without an off-grounds pass, for lunch, or during a free period in their schedule. Passes to leave during the school day are issued through the attendance office and only for appointments authorized by a parent/guardian.

    Safe Driving

    To provide the safest parking and traffic conditions at RHS and in the surrounding neighborhoods, safe parking and driving guidelines must be followed at all times. We encourage students and parents/guardians to:

    • Share the road safely, following posted speed limits and be aware of pedestrians and bicyclists
    • Practice Defensive Driving
    • Look ahead and expect the unexpected
    • Maintain a safe following distance
    • Prepare for the reactions of other drivers
    • Drive safely for weather and/or road conditions
    • Be alert and distraction-free
    • Watch and respect other drivers
      • Let others into the flow of traffic
      • Do not cut in front of others

    We've had members of the Larkspur and Corte Madera communities call and/or email our school, concerned about students illegally parking in the neighborhood, driving recklessly, littering and being disrespectful in the neighborhood.  When parking off-campus, please pay close attention to parking restrictions on neighboring streets. Larkspur and Corte Madera community members have been advised to contact the Central Marin Police Authority (CMPA) when concerned about student parking, driving, and/or inappropriate behavior.  

    Through the years, RHS has developed a positive relationship with the Larkspur and Corte Madera communities and is very much committed to maintaining a positive relationship for years to come. Students should remember that they not only represent themselves but also RHS when interacting with members of our community. It is the responsibility of each of us at Redwood to be good neighbors and show respect, in how we drive, how we communicate and how we interact with residents in our community.

    Violation of Student Parking Policies

    Violations of safe parking or driving guidelines may result in all or any of the consequences below. This notification and the information on the student parking permit application is considered the first warning. Tickets are issued by the Central Marin Police Authority (CMPA). Please contact CMPA directly regarding any issued tickets. Consequences are subject to change.

    • Loss of parking privileges for up to the remainder of the school year
    • Loss of Senior in Good Standing Status
    • School service hours
    • Parking ticket issued by CMPA
    • Apology to anyone affected

    Carpool Student Parking Permit Application

    Individual Student Parking Permit Applications


    Specific Parking Areas

    Front/West Lot

    Staff Parking

    Assigned Student Parking

    Carpool Parking

    Disabled Parking

    Visitor Parking


     Redwood Front Parking Lot Map



    Back/East Lot

    Staff Parking

    Assigned Student Parking

    Carpool Parking

    District Office Parking

    Disabled Parking

    Bus Drop Offs/Pick Up

    Visitor Parking


     RHS Back/East Lot



    PE Lot

    Staff Parking

    Assigned Student Parking

    RHS PE Gym Lot   



    White Zones in Front/Back Lots:

    School Deliveries

    Student Drop Off and Pickup

    Assigned late-arrival student parking (in front of the gym)



    Student Parking Frequently Asked Questions