• Archie Williams High School    



    Student Body Activity (ASB) Sticker

    When you purchase an ASB sticker for your student identification card, you are buying a discount on school dance tickets, plays and musical performances at Drake and free entrance to all MCAL sporting events at Drake.  ASB stickers are sold in the pirate pack which also provides the yearbook at a discounted price.


    Library Card/Student Body Card/Activity Sticker

    When you purchase an Activity Sticker for your student identification card, you are contributing directly to the activities program at Drake.  Your money goes to supporting athletic events as well as the myriad of other school activities sponsored by the ASB.  The purchase of an Activity Sticker gives you savings on the cost of  a yearbook, reduced admissions at all dances, free admission to all MCAL athletic events held at home, and reduced prices for away games.  Your identification card is also a validated library card.  If you take advantage of a variety of school events, your savings will be in excess of $50.

    Student Identification 

    In order to promote campus safety and to assist administrators and staff in accurately identifying district students and non-students, all district students shall be photographed annually as part of the yearly school/class registration process. Student photos will be maintained in the school offices and used for student discipline and campus safety purposes.

    All students shall be required to carry their identification cards while at school and school-sponsored activities. Failure to show the identification card when asked by a school official in the course of his/her duties may be a consideration for discipline. (BP/AR 5142)

    DHS Handbook Daily Student Life  3