• Drake High School



    Lockers are considered school property and are provided for students as a convenience. Although school officials provide campus supervision throughout the building and school campus, they take no responsibility for the security of these lockers. Students must use only the locker assigned to them (BP5145.12). Student Lockers may be searched by school administration.

    Lost and Found

    The Lost and Found is located in the main office. Students may claim articles from the office personnel upon proper identification. 

    Personal Property

    Many reports of theft are the result of unattended items and unlocked lockers.  The Drake community would like to assume that all students will respect other people's property, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Occasionally, property is stolen or vandalized. Students are responsible for protecting their personal property from theft and vandalism. While the campus is well supervised, school officials can't be everywhere at all times. The school is not responsible for the security of personal property. Students MUST securely lock all items in P.E. lockers during P.E. classes.

    Backpacks and personal belongings should not be left unattended. Lockers and bikes should be secured at all times. Students are responsible for providing their own bike locks.

    Incidents of theft or vandalism should be reported immediately to a campus assistant. The school will investigate all reports of theft. Students are encouraged to file police reports if a bike or car has been vandalized. Recovered goods will be returned to their rightful owner.

    DHS Handbook Daily Student Life  5