• Archie Williams High School    



    Textbooks are distributed and collected by classroom teachers.  Students are responsible for returning these books to the teacher who issued them. Students are responsible for loss or damage done to books.

    School Issued Electronic Devices: Information from the TUHSD Ipad Acceptable Use Contract All information regarding care and responsibilities of the iPad can be found on the district website: https://CA01000875.schoolwires.net/Page/7081

    In the interests of furthering the educational goals of the Tamalpais Union High School District, the school will make available to the students in Trek, Galileo and SEA-DISC small learning communities, (1) iPad4 for use while the student is a member of the Trek, Galileo or Sea-DISC small learning community. The iPad is intended for educational purposes and will be issued upon the student’s and parent/guardian’s signed acceptance of the terms of district’s Computer/Network Resources Acceptable Use Policy and of the school’s Code of Conduct.

     Care of Equipment

    The student will exercise all due and reasonable care in handling and use of the ipad and agrees to voluntarily return the ipad in good condition if the student is no longer registered in the School or transfers out of Trek, Galileo, or SEA-DISC small learning community. The School accepts and acknowledges the reasonable and normal wear and depreciation in value of the ipad. The student will be responsible for damages when:

    a) The damage to the ipad is intentional.

    c) The ipad is stolen from an unsecured car or locker, or unattended bag.


    If the device is stolen, the student must file a report with the appropriate law enforcement agency within 48 hours from the time the device is stolen. Students must report the stolen device to school officials. To replace a stolen ipad, the student must bring a copy of the police report to the IT Central Office (Carlisle Building, Redwood campus, Larkspur) to receive a new ipad.  Students are responsible for the replacement cost of a lost device. A lost device is one that was left unattended, misplaced or unaccounted for by the student.  

     Rules of Use

    The student shall abide by the school’s Computer/Network Resources Acceptable Use Policy. Unacceptable use includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    a) Using network access to alter or destroy information belonging to others.

    b) Using profanity, obscenity or other language that may be offensive or abusive to another person.

    c) Copying personal communications to others without the original author’s permission.

    d) Copying software or other copyright protected material in violation of copyright law.

    e) Using the network for any illegal activity or private business purposes.

    f) Spreading computer viruses deliberately or by importing files from unknown sources.

    g) Harassing another individual.

    h) Using the network to disrupt school business or educational activities.

    ij) Use of any electronic device or program in a manner other than that which was intended.

    j) Unauthorized installation of software including downloads or modification to the device

    k) Allowing use or possession of the device by anyone other than the student to whom the

         device is issued.


    DHS Handbook Daily Student Life  9