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    Ernesto Diaz is the proud father of twin daughters in 10th grade, and he lives with his wife and the girls in Marin County. He is a published author and Professor of Mathematics teaching at Dominican University of California since 2006, where he currently does research on Intellectual History and teaches in the Mathematics Department and in the Business School. He is also Faculty at Redwood High School (go Giants) in the Mathematics and AP Capstone Departments.

    Diaz has studied Electronic and Industrial Engineering advanced degrees, Graduate Business Mgmt. at UC Berkeley, and Education in Dominican University. He worked for over 18 years in the Telecom (Bell Labs) and Software industries (Autodesk) before turning to teaching and research in Mathematics and education. He has been training in Aikido for almost 30 years and holds the rank of 3rd degree Black Belt in the International Aikido Federation in Japan. When he has time, he bakes fairly decent sourdough bread at home.

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