• Each student, upon entering high school, is assigned to a school counselor who remains with them for the duration of their enrollment on campus. The school counselor is a resource to support all students in the areas of personal/social development, academic progress, and college and career goals. School Counselors work to support students and help them access resources for effective communication skills; balancing academic, extracurricular, and personal responsibility; and identifying personal strengths, values, and challenges to support a successful high school experience. School Counselors help students navigate high school as well as help them with post-high school plans. The School Counseling Program offers a variety of topics and grade-specific informational evening programs for parents/caregivers during the year.

    Who is my counselor/or my child's counselor?  You are able to view your child’s school counselor in ParentVUE under the Course History tab and then clicking on Unofficial Transcript.  We encourage you to update personal contact information, such as phone numbers, email address, and emergency contact information, in Parent Vue.  This is the main source of communication used by staff at Redwood High School to get in contact with students and families.

  • Counselors meet with students individually and in small group settings every year. 

    • In September, we have introduction meetings with our freshman in small groups to explain our role and the services that we provide. 
    • In January/February, we meet with our 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students in small groups to review course scheduling for the upcoming school year. 
    • In the spring of 11th grade, we hold individual meetings with juniors, also known as the Junior Conference.  In this meeting we focus on planning for life after high school and work with students to develop a plan of what they can do to get ready for college applications over the summer. 
    • While we don't schedule individual meetings with our senior students, counselors meet with seniors on an as-needed basis regarding post high school plans.  The College and Career Center holds Application Workshops every Thursday during SMART period for the fall semester for seniors who want to work on their college applications or who have questions about the application process.  Students should get a SMART pass from the College and Career Center prior to Thursday if they want to attend the Application Workshop.  

    In addition to holding these meetings annually with students, counselors meet with students throughout the school year for a number of reasons.  We know there are many questions that come up throughout the year.  The school counselor's primary focus is to have direct contact with students.  Counselors have a caseload of 350 students to 1 counselor.  Students may request to see a counselor by coming into room 103 and filling out the “Request to see counselor” form or by sending an email to their counselor.  When questions arise we encourage the student come see us (rather than have the parent contact us) as it gives us an opportunity to get to know our students and develop a relationship with them. 

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