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    What is Peer Resource?
    Peer resource is program at Tam that educates the school about drugs/alcohol, sexual health, and mental health. We work to normalize these subjects and break down stigmas around issues such as depression and drug addictions, holding events to increase awareness and reduce risk in the student body. 

    What do we do? 
    Students in the class work to give support to fellow peers and hold events such as carnivals, campaigns, and workshops to bring awareness to health and wellness issues that are prevalent here. Our CAP events provide free, confidential access to condoms for students to promote safer sex, and we hold an array of stress-relief and risk-awareness events throughout the year. 


    What topics to we address?

    • Mental Health
    • Body Image
    • Self Confidence
    • Drug and Alcohol Safety
    • Sexual Health
    • Stress Reduction

    Where can I learn more? 
    Check out some of our district's facts at the Tamalpais Union District Wellness Center page! http://CA01000875.schoolwires.net/Page/8686

    Can I get involved? 
    Of course you can! We would love any suggestions! You can email us (peerresourcetam@gmail.com) or stop by Room 200 during tutorial! Also, come talk to Ms. McGiven to get an application if you want to be part of Tam Peer Resource next year!
    How can I get help?
    Please visit our contact page!

    How can I contact the teacher?

    Ms. McGiven at kmcgiven@tamdistrict.org