Redwood Scholarship

  • The Redwood High School Foundation Scholarship
    The 2024 Application is due on March 15, 2024

    The Redwood High School Foundation (RHSF), in addition to other endowed scholarships that utilize the same application, award scholarships annually to students graduating from Redwood High School who will be enrolled in an accredited college, trade school or university. The scholarship awards offered are based on the student’s completed application, teacher recommendation, transcript, and are heavily weighted for demonstrated financial need. FAFSA/CADAA guidelines are important and should be considered before applying.


     If you are interested in applying for a RHSF scholarship,
    please read all sections below. 

    The link for the application is at the bottom of this page.

General Information

  • Purpose
    The RHSF Scholarship Committee recognizes and awards students who are continuing their education after graduation from Redwood High School. All scholarships are used for tuition or school expenses at an accredited community college, trade school, 4-year college, or university. 

    *Financial need (required and highest priority)
    *Perseverance and determination
    *Academic achievement
    *Strong character
    *Good citizenship
    *Criteria specific to the endowed awards 

    Scholarship awards are based on the availability of funds and through the application that meets the established criteria with particular emphasis on financial need. After reviewing all applications, recommendations for awards are made by the RHSF Scholarship Committee, except for the Chelini awardees who are selected by the RHS Counseling Department. The Committee will mail award checks directly to student accounts at their respective Colleges and Universities in summer, 2024.  Funds are not mailed to students. Individual details will not be made public; only the names of the winners will be announced.

    Applications must be completed by each student personally. The decisions of the RHSF Scholarship Committee are final. Any information you submit is confidential; however, if you are an award recipient, your name, the award name and the name of your university/college may be announced or printed.

    About the Redwood High School Foundation Scholarships   The Redwood High School Foundation seeks to recognize and support the continued education of students who have excelled at Redwood and have demonstrated financial need. In addition to offering numerous general awards, the Scholarship Committee and its partners use this common application to grant multiple specialized, named scholarships, each with its own unique criteria. These include awards specifically intended to recognize students who:

    • Have demonstrated leadership and community spirit and/or
    • Have exhibited character, courage, and grit by overcoming significant obstacles and/or
    • Have dedicated themselves to excellence as a student and/or
    • Have exhibited exceptional intellectual acumen and promise and/or
    • Have participated in athletics at Redwood High School

    Redwood High School Foundation Awards include:

    Redwood High School Awards Recognizing students that have demonstrated academic achievement, perseverance and determination, strong moral character and citizenship.

    James Pierce Scholarship for Academic Excellence Recognizing students who demonstrate intellectual acumen and promise.

    RHS Alumni Scholarship Recognizing students who demonstrate leadership, intellectual acumen and community spirit.

    The Sylvia Jones Award Recognizes a student who best exemplifies a love of the written word, a commitment to lifelong learning, and a genuine interest in and care for others.

    The Giant Scholarship For a student who has overcome obstacles in hopes of achieving their college dreams

    The Bill Wilkinson Award Created to recognize a first generation college student who has demonstrated determination and intellectual curiosity.

    The Christopher Benoist Scholarship Recognizing students who have demonstrated strength and perseverance in overcoming personal, societal and/or financial adversity in pursuit of developing their highest potential

    The Myles Kawashima Scholarship Recognizing student athletes who have demonstrated commitment, perseverance, character, and leadership.

    Over the past 3 years, The Foundation has awarded over 140 scholarships ranging from $500 to $5,000.

    Award decisions are made without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability status, gender or gender identity. After reviewing the applicant’s submission, recommendations for awards are made by the RHSF Scholarship Committee and approved by the RHSF Board. Only the names of winners will be announced. All applicant’s personal information and applications are kept confidential. 

    All awards are made possible through generous donations to the Redwood High School Foundation from our alumni and the family and friends of our students, faculty and staff.


Submitting The Application

  • Financial Need Criteria: Completed FAFSA or CADAA (CA Dream Act Application) is required for consideration of financial need based on the Student Aid Index (SAI), as calculated through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or CADAA. The maximum Student Aid Index of $20,000 will be strictly adhered to with the exception of the Pierce scholarship which will consider an SAI of up to $40,000. If your family’s SAI is higher than the limit, you may submit an application, but must include an explanation of extenuating circumstances that result in financial need. The RHSF Scholarship Committee will use discretion in considering applicants with an SAI above the required limit, but make no promise or guarantee of exceptions.

    The Online Application
    Complete the application which contains four sections: 1) Personal & Financial, 2) Academic, 3) Awards & Activities, 4) Writing Section. The writing section has two short essay questions. The first will help the committee understand your financial situation, and the second will help the committee understand your goals and why you want to pursue a higher education. ALL INFORMATION MUST BE PROVIDED. IF ANY INFORMATION IS NOT APPLICABLE, INDICATE WITH N/A.

    ♦ In addition to the online application, you are being asked to provide the name and email of one Redwood staff member whom you would like us to ask for a recommendation on your behalf. Email your recommender's name  to Becky Bjursten, College & Career Specialist at by the March 15th deadline.

    ♦ Please either take a photo, pdf or scan and email your  FAFSA or CADAA Student Aid index in the Submission Summary from FAFSA or CADAA website to Becky Bjursten, College & Career Specialist at by the March 15th deadline. If desired, have your parent/guardian email the Optional Confidential Letter on Finances explaining the family’s financial situation.

    If you feel you need to make any changes after submitting please contact Becky Bjursten, College & Career Specialist at

    To request a scholarship application: