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  • One word summarizes my teaching philosophy: ethos. Some may say that is simply ethical teaching, but this Greek work entails much more than character, morals, or beliefs. Teaching can be a metaphor for two types of families: the strict parent model or the nurturing parent model. With the first one, teachers may appeal to moral authority or strength using reward or punishment in class. Students must swim or sink to be successful. I believe in the nurturing model that cares for, respects, and supports students. I encourage learners to use empathy and imagination in class, and in life, as well as to build positive relationships with others. Teaching with ethos is fostering my students to be motivated. Happy students are better nurturers, more empathetic, compassionate, and successful. 

    Something that makes me proud is that I strive to create lessons that are appealing to the interests of my students. I incorporate popular and appropriate media en español into my lessons to reinforce grammar and cultural concepts through the analysis of authentic texts. Implementing technology in the class helps learners engage in activities. I use many applications, that allow them to interact with their electronic devices. The majority of my instruction is given in the target language, and students are expected to use it when addressing me or others in the class. To ensure multiple intelligences learning, I bring to the classroom different types of activities to appeal to learners of all modalities. (audio, visual, kinesthetic). 

    My classroom management is intended to create a safe and inclusive environment. It is my hope that students feel like a part of the community while learning Spanish. I instituted mindfulness sessions in my classes where students benefit from a calming practice. I employ a restorative approach in a supportive manner where all parties feel buy-in/ownership for the learning process. Students are part of the class norms discussion. Usually, just by asking a few questions in a non-accusatory fashion, they take responsibility if they break any of the class rules.