Open House

  • Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

    Please join us next Thursday, January 30th from 6-8 P.M. for Redwood’s new and improved Open House!

    In an effort to make the Redwood experience more effective for parents, guardians, and students, our “Open House” evening is undergoing a revitalization. The changes aim to create an inclusive experience through which parents, guardians and students can develop a better idea of what happens during the school day. Teachers will share in their numerous sessions during Open House. 

    All who would like to learn about what Redwood offers are encouraged to attend. There will be a food truck next to the cafeteria (CEA), our  annual Silent Auction in the library as well as student-led bake sales around the main building. Bring cash if you want some quick food!

    This year, parents, guardians, and potential students will be able to hear directly from teachers and current students regarding what makes classes within their various departments unique. Each department will have their own presentations prepared for those interested. The schedule of presentations is attached and here for your review before next Thursday.  It is also available on our website under Announcements.

    Junior/Senior Silent Auction Packages

    Lastly, the week’s bell schedule will be adjusted as a result of Open House as follows:

    Wed 1/29 – Monday/Tuesday/Friday schedule (Periods 1-7)
    Thur 1/30 – Thursday of Minimum Week schedule (Periods 4-7)
    Fri 1/31 – Minimum Day schedule (Periods 1-3 and SMART)

    We look forward to sharing Redwood with everyone!

    The 2019-2020 Redwood Staff