9th Grade Orientation Information - GO GIANTS!

  • Hello 9th Grade Parents!

    We are very excited that your child will be attending Redwood High School and we look forward to seeing them at our Virtual 9th Grade Orientation on Monday, August 17th from 10am-noon.  Although the physical school won’t be open yet and distance learning continues, we are still able to get your 9th grader off to a great start with our Link Crew Program!

    What is Link Crew?

    Link Crew is a nationwide program designed to welcome and support 9th graders by connecting them with Link Leaders, who are positive and responsible 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.  Your student’s Link Leaders will help them feel more comfortable as well as help them achieve success in their first year of high school.  

    What Happens Next?

    1. A few days before orientation your student will receive a phone call from their Link Leader personally inviting them to orientation, and giving them the details of how to virtually join orientation.  The Link Leader will also send an email with the zoom link and tips for virtual orientation success. 
    1. On orientation day, your student will meet their Link Leaders and a small group of other 9th graders via zoom.   
    1. In order for your child to maximize their experience, if possible, we recommend that they use a computer with a camera rather than a tablet or smartphone for the orientation. 
    1. After orientation, Link Leaders will be in weekly communication with their groups to continue to support and assist students throughout the fall semester. Leaders will meet with their groups on Monday’s from 2:55 to 3:25 during the 8th period class or as needed by the group. Please encourage your child to participate weekly in these meetings as this will be the best way to address ongoing individual needs as they arise. If schools open to in person instruction, then an in person tour of campus will be organized by Link Crew.

     As much as you may want to join in or watch over the shoulder of your child, 9th grade orientation is for students only.  If you have particular questions or concerns please contact us via email.  

    Erik Berkowitzeberkowitz@tamdistrict.org

    Katie Slatterykslattery@tamdistrict.org

    We look forward to a great orientation day!

    Erik Berkowitz and Katie Slattery
    The Link Crew Coordinators