The installation of solar canopies, including electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, is moving forward in the Tam High Miller Parking Lot on Tuesday, December 26, 2023. 

    Starting December 26, the Miller Parking Lot will be closed and off-limits for all parking and pedestrian access until construction is completed on the solar canopies and EV charging stations. Please review the information below regarding parking on campus for next semester. 

    We started the school year with this configuration, and the students and staff did a fantastic job. We appreciate in advance everyone's cooperation during this construction. We will provide updates on the construction as we receive them. Please drive safely and park in designated approved areas. 



    Installation of solar canopies, including electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, is moving forward this fall in the Front Parking Lot! 

    In preparation for this project, we are adjusting parking lot placement on campus as the current lot will be closed for construction, and there will be no staff and student parking or access in the Miller Lot for the fall semester of the '23-'24 school year. 

    Temporary parking areas on campus will be as follows: 

    • Tamalpais staff to [B] the back parking lot (BPL) – currently student parking on Almonte and the temporary parking lot around the tennis courts (J), which was constructed this summer. 
    • The Drop-off Zone in front of the Gus Gym will not be affected and will be accessible from Miller Ave.
    • Eligible seniors who drive their cars to school will use <this form> to register their vehicles. Please complete this form to help us determine the total number of spaces we must assign to students. This year visitors, students, and staff will have assigned parking, and ONLY cars with the appropriate assignments will be allowed to park in the designated lots.

    If you have any questions, please contact tranzy@tamdistrict.org and/or smathews@tamdistrict.org

Temp Parking 2023-2024

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