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    Drama, Team Academy Outdoor Leadership Academy, and Art Teacher


    Archie Williams High School Little Theater

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    AWHS Game Club Advisor

    AWHS Theater Calender

    Jasper Starfire Thelin, born in Forest Knolls, San Geronimo Valley in the Lagunitas Creek watershed. His early education was at the Open Classroom on the upper campus of Lagunitas School. Jasper then attended our very own High School, graduating in 1987, where he played baseball, basketball, and football, took four years of Drama, was sophomore class president and edited the Sports and Feature pages of the Jolly Roger.
    Subsequently he graduated from University of California at Santa Cruz with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts, with Porter College honors. He did his teacher credential work at Dominican University, and holds Single Subject Teacher credentials in English and in Art.
    With his magnificent wife Mia Terziev, he has two splendid children, Cyrus and Willow. A key event which helped him learn to appreciate each moment of life was when had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 1997.
    Jasper first started working with young people through directing theater, coaching sports, and running summer camps. He still directs with Ross Valley School District's YES Theater Program, and has also been a counselor, teacher and performance coordinator Camp Winnarainbow since 1992 as well as being the program director at Camp Eureka in north Idaho, and Camp Avary.  He served for sixteen years on the Advisory Board of Project AVARY; Alternate Venture for At Risk Youth, which is a camp for kids whose parents are or have been incarcerated.
    Jasper is the club advisor for AWHS's most robust club, tabletop Game Club, which plays innumerable games including Magic: The Gathering. The club meets in room 705 each Tuesday and Thursday at lunchtime. Anyone can come to club meetings any time; in addition to Magic, we play Chess, Diplomacy, Munchkin, Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Operation, and whatever other games members want to play.
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