Attendance Policy


    Absence Reporting Line

    To report an absence, please call the Attendance Hotline at 415-380-3592 as soon as possible on the day of the absence

    If calling, please speak slowly and include the following information:

    • Name of student - please spell out the student’s last name

    • Person calling and relationship with students

    • Date of absence (specify all day or time student will arrive at school)

    • Reason for absence

    If a student is coming in late OR leaving early – for any reason – they must check in with a signed note from a parent to the Attendance Office and they will receive either – a pass to class or a pass off-campus, whichever applies.  Please include the date, your student’s full name and the reason for being late or leaving early.

    To excuse your student in the middle of the day for a last minute appointment/emergency – Please call 415-380-3521 as soon as possible after confirming the appointment.  Leave a brief message; speak clearly, state the student’s full name -spelling the last name- the reason for the absence, and the time to be excused.  The Attendance Clerk will prepare a pass for the student which may be picked up at the Attendance Office, Room #140 in Wood Hall.  The student should pick up the pass during a break which will allow the student to leave class at the appointed time.


    For questions or concerns after reading the Attendance Policy, please call 415-380-3521 and leave your brief message.  This number is checked regularly throughout the day however, due to the very large call volume each day in the Attendance Office please allow 24 hours for a return call.


    Warranted Absences

    Warranted Absences need to be signed by all parties and filed in the Attendance Office at least 48 hours prior to a student’s departure.  Some examples of an absence needing a Warranted Form on file are:   College Tours - Attendance at an immediate family member’s funeral - Observation of a Religious Holiday or Ceremony - Employment conference or interview, etc.

    To view all the information Warranted Absences and to download the form, click here.


    The Attendance Office is located in Room 140 Wood Hall.  Barbara Borruso, Attendance Clerk, can be reached at bborruso@tamdistrict.org or 415-380-3521