• A District-wide Emergency Action Plan governs what happens in the schools in the event of an emergency.  The objective of the plan is “to provide effective action to minimize injuries and loss of life among students and school personnel in case of disaster during school hours.”  The school principal, working in cooperation with county disaster officials, will make decisions and determine actions within the framework of student and employee safety.
    In the event of an emergency, all students on campus will stay in a safe, secure location.  If the emergency happens during break, lunch, before or after school, students who are off campus should remain off campus in a safe location.  Based on the nature of the emergency, they will be instructed to (1) Stand by (stay where they are).  (2)  TAKE COVER.  (3)  Evacuate buildings and assemble, with instructors, on the baseball field.

    Under no circumstances will teachers release students unless given directions to do so by the principal.  Any adult calling for a student will be required to identify him/herself to an assigned staff member before being allowed to remove a student from campus.

    Information will be communicated to students, teachers, and parents by intercom, email, voicemail or runner (if safe) as quickly as possible.  Please do NOT contact your student on their cell phone, as this will flood the system and could impede communication with authorities and/or medical aid.

    If weather or emergency circumstances should require the school to be closed, listen to KGO-AM (810) or KCBS-AM (740) radio or KRON-TV (channel 4), KCBS-TV (channel 5) or
    KGO-TV (channel 7) for announcements regarding school closure.  Voice messages will be changed as soon as emergency information is known. 
    The following numbers may be helpful in obtaining information:
    Tam High School  

    Mill Valley Police  

    Tamalpais District Office 

    Sheriff’s Office  
    County Superintendent 
    Marin County Emergency Services
    Please tune in to the above listed radio or TV stations as a first option and avoid phone calls if possible to keep the lines open.  Depending on the circumstances, Administration will send Email messages or use other forms of communication to keep the community informed. 

Last Modified on August 23, 2023