• The primary goal of the Freshman/Sophomore English Program is to develop in students the ability to use language skillfully and to interpret literature effectively.  In order to accomplish this goal, students are expected to write regularly, read significant literature, practice formal and informal speaking, and develop the critical thinking skills necessary to complete the work successfully.  Since these mutually reinforce each other, they are taught together, not as separate units.
    Students are required to take the Freshman/Sophomore English classes.  Each course enables them to increase their facility with language and to build a foundation for the more specialized, in-depth work of the strand requirements of literature and composition required by the Junior/Senior Program.

    The Junior and Senior English Elective Program continue the work of the Core Program but emphasizes a higher level of student performance and provides more demanding, complex assignments and materials.  All courses require substantial practice in the writing of essays, extensive reading of significant literature, regular practice in formal and informal oral presentations, and rigorous application of critical thinking skills.

    Tam offers the following English courses:

    • English 1-2
    • Sheltered English 1-2
    • English 3-4
    • Sheltered English 3-4
    • American Literature
    • Twentieth Century Literature
    • Creative Writing
    • Dramatic Literature
    • Essay
    • Humanities
    • Poetry
    • AP Language and Composition
    • AP Literature and Composition
    • Advanced Journalism
    • English Language Development (ELD)
    • Oral Rhetoric
    • Sheltered Subjects

Last Modified on May 21, 2008