• Welcome to PE at Tam

    The Physical Education Department required program is Core 1, Core 2, Core 3 and Core 4.  Sportfolios and a textbook will be used in the core program.  This is a 20 unit graduation requirement.   A student must take the core program in sequence.  Once the student has completed the Core 1-4 courses with a passing grade, s/he may sign up for elective PE classes.  The content for each semester is listed below:
     flip push up runner   Jumpingstretch
    • Core 1
       Aquatics and Water Safety, Sportfolio, Fitness Testing,Fit for Life book, Components of Fitness.
    • Core 2
      Individual,Dual & Team Sports,Fitness Testing,Fit for Life book and Sportfolio
    • Core 3
      Dance, Combatives, Gymnastics, Fitness Testing, Nutrition, Fit for Life book, Sportfolio
    • Core 4
      Court Sports, Adult CPR, Child/Infant CPR, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), First Aid, Oral Presentation, Sportfolio