About the Library

  • The library is located on the second floor of historic Wood Hall on the Tamalpais High School campus. The library program supports the school’s curriculum with a collection of nearly 20,000 books and materials that ensure students and faculty are equipped to satisfy their academic and personal information needs. 

    In addition to books, the library has many other items that set students up for academic success. The library has Chromebooks that students can borrow for school use, which allows them to access their school materials, research library databases, and print in both color and black and white while in the library. We also provide short term loans of Chromebook and laptop chargers and provide a cell phone charging station where students can charge their phones while in the library. We frequently stock emergency school supplies such as pencils, pens, paper and other supplies for student use. Please note that these items are for emergency use and are not always available. Students should continue to bring their own supplies and only rely on library supplies for emergency use.

    The library houses several one of a kind items in the collection that include historical items that date back to the first days of the school at the start of the 20th century. Because of this, eating in the library is prohibited. Maintaining a clean environment free from items that will attract vermin and insects is essential. Drinks in a covered container, gum, cough drops, and mints are ok to consume. Please dispose of rubbish and recyclables in the appropriate containers. Your cooperation is vital so we can keep our collection safe and our surroundings comfortable.


    7:30 A.M.-7:00 P.M. MONDAY-THURSDAY

    7:30 A.M.-4:00 P.M. FRIDAY

Last Modified on May 15, 2023