IT Support

    Have an issue or question about technology? Login to the TUHSD Portal with your District name & password, and submit a request to the IT Helpdesk. The IT staff will be glad to address that for you.

    Instructional Tech Resources - Teachers

    Teachers may find many helpful links on the Staff page on the District website:

    Need help with your Schoolwires/Blackboard teacher website?  For general questions, please contact our webmaster, Skip Lovelady at You may also view or download this user guide (it's 95 pages) to see if it can give you the information you need.


    Some basic information to get you started editing your website on Schoolwires:

    1. Log in to  Navigate to your page.  Click on "Section Editor" on the top left.  This will open the Schoolwires Editor in a separate window.

    2. When you first enter the Schoolwires Editor, you will see a list of your current pages.  The first page, listed in bold, is the welcome page of your section.  To edit the contents of the page, click on the title, make the appropriate changes, and then save.  To change the name of the page, click rename.

    3. At any time you click on "Home" in the upper left to get back to your list of pages.

    4. To add a new page, click "New Page." You will see a list of choices.  Choose "Flex Page" for a basic, blank page that you can do whatever you want with.  You can see examples of some of the other types of pages here:

    Link Library - see Research Databases in the Tam Library section
    File Library - see Field Trip Forms in the Staff Resources section

    5. Enter a name for your new page.  You don't need to do anything else unless you want to use one of their templates.

    6. As you create new pages, they will appear on the left menu.  As you get more, you can group them using hierarchies.

    7. If you want a calendar for class assignments, I recommend using a Flex Page and inserting a table.  The calendar function is not very helpful for classroom websites.  However, the Assignment Calendar might be what you are looking for.  Play around with it; you can always uncheck the "Active" box on your list of pages to make it invisible to the general public.