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    August, 2019                                                             
    Dear Parents/Guardians,        

              I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I have the pleasure of being your child’s physical education teacher. This is my 21st  year teaching at Tamalpais, previously I taught in San Francisco and England. I have taught physical education, science, math and coached most sports. I bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and fun energy .

              Physical education at Tamalpais stresses life long health and fitness and puts emphasis on the ‘EDUCATION’ in physical education. Our goal is to excite students about physical activity, health and fitness and provide knowledge in the area, which they may use to lead a healthy life. As part of the course they will participate in the state mandated ‘Fitnessgram’ program, which includes testing muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, and body composition. The idea is to prepare and educate the student for a lifetime of activity, health and fitness.

              Students are expected to dress down in  athletic shorts, sweats, sweatshirt or t-shirt and wear sports shoes in order to participate. No parents notes are required as at this stage I am an advocate for the student speaking for themselves. Your student will always dress down as I modify activities for injury/illness. Students must always secure their belongings with their combination lock in order to keep them safe and register their locker with their PE teacher. We are not responsible for lost items.

    Your student will be ‘educated’ in the classroom keeping notes in their sportfolio and ‘experiencing’ in our many activities. Every class starts in the classroom with the sportfolio work, labs, group projects or assessments. This years activities include Fitnessgram, self defense dance, gymnastics, tumbling, weight training, cardiovascular work, stretching, varied team sports, yoga, training and certification in Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED. There are 3 grading periods in each semester at which time you are sent their present grade, also you may check their grade online at any time through home access as I post their grades weekly. Each activity is graded as follows:

    Participation in Physical Activities : 60%

    Assessment (Content, Projects, Program Goals)  : 40%

    I look forward to taking part in your child’s physical education. My aim is for them to have a very positive and fun experience within this subject area and to gain a wealth of knowledge within the field. Check my website for more information and this semester’s syllabus. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.



    Lorna Sturgeon

    P.E. Teacher Leader

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