ECONOMICS - Fall 2021
     Wed/Fri classes= Tuesday and Thursday, for you are Wednesday and Friday.
    9/23 (Thurs) - We had terms & vocab
    -We watched 20 minutes from a documentary on Marketing Drugs
    -There is a PP on Google Classroom to aid with note-taking on the film
    -The Assignment #3 was explained, students had 30 min of class time to begin/complete. Due Sunday at 8pm.
    9/21 (Tues) - We had terms & vocab
    -Per 5,6,7 read first 5 pages of FT article - FT Drug prices READING
    -Per 3,4 worked on Quiz #3
    9/20  (Mon) -
    Periods 3,4 - Went over Worksheet E, assigned Quiz #3 Warp Speed. Due Friday at 4pm.
    Peirods 5,6,7 - Gave time to work on Quiz #3, and watched Theranos film. Quiz due Tues at 4pm.
    9/17  (Fri, per 5,6,7) - We took QUIZ #3 Warp Speed.
    9/16 - No School
    9/15 (Wed, per 5,6,7) - We had vocab & terms, also read NPR Vaccines - READING. We also completed Worksheet E
    9/14 (Tues, per 3,4) - We had vocab & terms, also read Vaccine NPR - READING. And we completed Worksheet E.
    9/13 (Mon, per 3,4) - Teacher was out. But article did not post, which was very unfortunate.
    9/9 (Thurs) -
    -Students turned in Worksheet D, time was provided during class.
    -We had vocab/term
    -We watched more of the film regarding Theranos
    -Back to School Night tonight
    9/7 (Tues) - Class time was given to working on Assignment #2. Turned in during class, on Google Classroom. 
    -Began film on Theranos
    9/6 (Mon) LABOR DAY
    9/2 (Thurs) - Began working on Assignment #2 SWAY
    -Time was given during class to read
    8/31 (Tues) - Students began reading SWAY
    -Each student recieved a hardcopy
    -Time was given during class to read 
    -Vocab words were given
    8/30 (Mon) - Students turned in #1 Assignment.
    8/26 (Thurs) - This is due Monday #1 Assignment - 9 questions on p.7-12 of Blundering Herd.
    -We will have a Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday (Sept 02). No notes allowed. Chits will not go on this quiz.
    -We had 3 new vocab words today.
    8/24 (Tues) - Today we took the quiz on p.1-6
    -We began Worksheet C Margin Call film
    -Most classes only viewed part of scene A (The Realization)
    -No vocab or terms today
    8/23 (Mon) - We discussed Worksheet A, it will not be turned in.
    -We covered the topic of Large Numbers, and completed Worksheet B Large Numbers
    -Answered questions students had regarding tomorrow's quiz. 
    8/19 (Thur) - We went over terms & vocab on SECURITIES. 
    -Students read p.1-6 of Blundering Herd
    -Student worked on Worksheet A Cast of Characters
    -Announced the quiz, on 8/24, pages 1-6 of Blundering Herd. Students can use any handwritten notes, they may not use the article. Students may not use typed notes. Students are allowed to use Worksheet A.
    8/18 (Wed) - First day of school. We began terms & vocab on the topic of MORTGAGES.