• Remote file transfer

    Remote File Transfer allows you to move files from school to home (Download a File) and from home to school (Upload a File).
    When working on your files at home, saving your file DOES NOT save it to your school folder, it saves it to a folder on your home computer. When finished working on your file, you will need to move it to your school folder using "Upload a File" following the directions below.

    To Login

    bulletClick here. (Remote File Transfer works best in Internet Explorer. We have had problems with older versions of Firefox. We have not tested with Safari)
    bulletLogin normally using the same login and password you use at school.
    bulletClick Sign In.
    bulletClick on Home Directory

    To Download a File

    bulletRight-click on the file you would like to download and click on Save Target As... .

    To Upload a File

    bulletClick on the Upload Files... button in the upper right.
    bulletClick on Browse.
    bulletNavigate to the file you would like to upload.
    bulletSelect the file you would like to upload and click on Open.
    bulletClick on the Upload button at the bottom of the screen.