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  • Welcome to Redwood High School Cheer! 

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    Football Season Tryouts 2024-2025
    May 1, 2 & 3 in the RHS small gym
    3:30-5:30 Wednesday, May 1
    4:00-6:00 Thursday, May 2
    4:00-7:00 Friday, May 3
    **Attendance of all 3 days is MANDATORY
    **Mandatory meeting for ALL parents May 1 in the PE classroom 6:00-7:00pm
    **May 3: Cheerleaders only stay until their group has tried out. Majority will be done long before 7:00.
    All current and prospective cheerleaders are REQUIRED to complete the following in order to try out and be placed on a team:
    1) Read the Redwood Cheer Handbook
    2) Read the Redwood Cheer Contract
    3) Submit the Cheerleader & Parent Application Form
    4) Complete your RHS Athlete Registration **Athletes who do not have this complete will not be able to participate in any practices or games until it is completed.
    Tryout dance: 
    Tryout cheer: 
    Words to the cheer


    Head of Program/Varsity Coach: Sara Allen

    JV Coach: Emma Smith

    Assistant Coach: Sarah Segal 



    Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 23-24 Basketball Season Cheer Tryouts.
    If you did not make a team, please work on your skills and try out again next season!

    Our first practice is Monday 11/13 @ 3:45 PM

    Junior Varsity

    **If you see an asterisk next to your name, please stay after practice on Monday to chat with coach Emma

    1. Alaina S.
    2. *Amelia J.
    3. Amelie D.
    4. Aria S.
    5. Cara G.
    6. Caroline S.
    7. Charlotte G.
    8. Ciara C.
    9. Elsa T.
    10. Georgia D.
    11. Hailey G.
    12. Jacquelyn C.
    13. Katherine R.
    14. *Keavy T.
    15. *Marina C.
    16. Mariya M. 
    17. Natasha P.
    18. Nevaeh S.
    19. Nina E.
    20. Parker W.
    21. *Samantha G.
    22. Scarlett J.
    23. Sydney K.
    24. Tabitha W.
    25. Violet P.
    26. *Zoe G.



    1. Angelica C.
    2. Beyllah O.
    3. Caitlin U.
    4. Caroline V.
    5. Claire B.
    6. Coco O.
    7. Devyn J.
    8. Elaina A.
    9. Elena D.
    10. Elle M.
    11. Estella C.
    12. Fiona O.
    13. Gemma F.
    14. Isabel S.
    15. Lauren B.
    16. Logan L.
    17. Maddie E.
    18. Maggie K.
    19. Ruby Z.
    20. Saia B.
    21. Sammy D.
    22. Serene K.
    23. Sofia P.
    24. Whitney E.
    25. Zoe A.
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