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    I will be adding and changing resources on a regular basis.  This site is a "work in progress."  Please feel free to send me feedback of information you like or would like to see ssouder@tamdistrict.org.  Thanks for reading.
    If you are wondering what my philosophy is for a good life, I'll tell you:
    Work hard at something you find challenging. 
    Have fun at an athletic, creative or other extracurricular pursuit.
    Develop a goal in life that will be intrinsically rewarding and provide service to others.
    Maintain balance in your academic, athletic, and social life. 
    Spend time dreaming, reflecting and appreciating all life has to offer.
    "We are what we repeatedly do.            
         Excellence, therefore,
              is not an act but a habit."                                                                                  
                              ~~ Aristotle
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