• AP US History

    MLK Speech

    Advanced Placement history is a course that endeavors to give a thorough examination of the important events and people of the United States from 1607 through the 1980's. Since the AP test is in early-May, we will have eight months to grapple with four hundred years of history, and prepare for the writing portion of the test. Students will learn to read and interpret historical documents as well as develop the skills to write persuasive timed essays. The course moves rapidly, and requires a significant amount of independent work, requiring you to read and write more and at a faster pace than a standard history course.   For the main text we will use America’s History by James A. Henretta. We will also read a variety of supplemental readings that will be handed out to you as we move through the course.  The course will challenge students to think critically about the material presented in readings and lectures and hopefully help students gain an appreciation for the history of our great nation. 

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